Prices and payment

Currently, we have contracts with health insurance companies VZP, OZP, ZP MV ČR, VoZP and ČPZP.

Price varies depending on severity of the problem; exact price is set based on examination and consultation with patient.

Payments can be done only in cash in Czech crowns.

Dental check-up (new patients) Covered by health insurance
Dental check-up Covered by health insurance
Digital X-ray image (intraoral, panoramic) Covered by health insurance
Local anesthesia Covered by health insurance
Dental prophylaxis from 800 CZK
Dental filling - amalgam from 600 CZK
Dental filling - composite from 900 CZK
Dental filling – glassionomer from 800 CZK
Metal-ceramic crown from 5 500 CZK
All-ceramic crown from 8 000 CZK
Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) – price per root canal from 1 500 CZK



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